We are constantly interested in highly-motivated top-specialists in legal consulting and translation services, in graduates from the most prestigious Universities and Colleges. Besides we provide trainee vacancies for students and newly graduates. Please send your CV to:

CV requirements

Please provide detailed information about your experience, education (including additional trainings, courses which you probably might have taken), links to publications of you works if there are any.

Vacancy of a Lawyer (Senior or Junior) / Legal Assistant (Paralegal) / Trainee

Please send us your CV. Please also let us know whether you are ready to work with contracts, legal documents in English, whether you have experience in International law and International transactions, whether you know the specifics of the English law (your CV should be in English in such case).

Vacancy of a Translator / Trainee

Please send us your CV in English (or in another language with which you work as a translator), and also 2 examples of your own translation (from English into Russian and vise versa, just 1-2 paragraphs, preferably text on legal, political or economic issue).